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Dunia Tambang Business 

Dunia Tambang Business is enterprise resource planning application in mining industry. The application is build to leverage miners job more effectively that relate with  production, plant, and Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) activities.

Predictable Data

Easy to use and make your data more attractive and informative


All things to input – output can use by your device such as gadget and desktop

Data Warehouse

Your data will be save in cloud computing system

Analytic System

We serve technology that your data will automated analytic by machine learning and artificial inteligence

Account Level

The system will categorized features base on your needs, all information will direct correctly to the management


We are monitoring and maintanance your system 24/7 


Dunia Tambang ERP Services

Dunia Tambang Business is a mining technical services application with interactive user interface that can help mining companies to operate the management mining system such as production targets, fleet management systems, fuel consumption, match factors, operational cost, financial analytics and others.


Our Approach to Support All Your Mining Needs


Duniatambang Business provide the integration of mobile and web platform with a flexible User Interface (UI) that can launch on any device including your personal computer, laptop, tablets, and smartphones. It also for keep the mining technical & budgeting strategic planning keep on the track.

Mine and Geology Engineering

Creating an accurate and timely system to monitor the plan vs actual at mine operations including the volume and tonnage of ore and waste, equipment utilization, stockpile asset management, fuel and consumption and ratio.

Finance and Accounting

Connecting information related to data production to be able to analyze the balance sheet, revenue, expanse, margin reports, conduct audits and accountability from production data, modifying factors, e. In general, help the company to achieve the KPI’s

Health, Safety and Environment

Monitoring from sequence mining activities using aerial photographs and 360-degree cameras that can be seen in realtime, so that environmental and health issues can be handled appropriately.

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